Art Show

NorthAmeriCon ’17 will have an Art Show! We welcome original art on science fiction, fantasy, astronomical, or fannish themes.

Registration for artists is now open through Jo Hogan’s website for managing artist data:

The web team apologizes for not having this information up Feb 1st in all time zones.

There will not be an Art Auction. Items will be available for bidding or quick sale purchase through the end of the Art Show. Bidding will open the first day of the art show, with the quick sale option becoming available on the second day.

Rules and Information for Artists

The Basics

All entries must be original works of the artist(s) on science fiction, fantasy, astronomical, or fannish themes, submitted by the artist(s) or their agent. We reserve the right to reject any entry. All items entered must be completed before being brought into the Art Show. Two-dimensional entries must be matted, mounted or framed, and ready for hanging, including prints. Once a piece of artwork has been signed into the Art Show, it may not be withdrawn, nor may any conditions of its sale be changed. Not-For-Sale work is permitted and is eligible for awards, but we would appreciate it if at least half of your work is for sale.

Reproductions (prints and giclées) must be labeled as reproductions and be limited editions of 500 or less. Artists will be limited to up to 10 copies each of up to 10 images for prints (100 prints total, any mat color; different sizes count as different images). There is no separate charge for prints; they will be displayed in your space on a long peg hook, one hook per image (multiple prints on a hook), so please allow space for them in your planning (along with bid sheets).

We do not provide insurance coverage for art entered in the show. While we protect your art, we recommend you verify that your insurance coverage extends to display in the show. This includes during shipping.

We will allow mail-in art. Because this is work for our volunteers’ limited time, we charge an additional $20 hanging fee, and you must pay all shipping costs in both directions for your art. If you have an agent (or friend) hang it for you, we will not charge a hanging fee. Note that the mail-in address is NOT the PO Box address used for correspondence; our PO Box cannot accept such packages. You will be given the mail-in address after you fill out your form and indicate you are mailing your art. Mail-in artists do not need a membership in the convention.

Entry Fees and Procedures

The Art Show charges no commissions, but does charge a space fee. The basic unit of space for 2D work is the panel, which is made of pegboard and is 4’ high by 4’ wide (122cm x 122cm). For 3-D art, the basic unit is the table, which is 6’ long by 30” deep (183cm x 76cm). Please remember that the space you reserve must include any clearance between pieces, including space for 4.25” x 5.5” (11cm x 14cm) bid sheets for each item. Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table; it may not interfere with any works displayed by other artists. You may buy full or half units of space, to a maximum of three units of space. Remember that this includes print display space. If you need floor space (or air space!) for large, free-standing artwork, write us for a quote (please include all the details of what you need). If the space is available, the cost will be similar to that for the same amount of table space.

Space costs $40/unit of space. This is in addition to other applicable costs, such as the $20 hanging fee for mailed in art, mailing costs, convention membership, etc.

If you wish to enter the show, fill out and return the online form as soon as possible. Advance reservations are required—although possible, it is unlikely space will be available at the door. At our discretion, some or all of the space you request may be wait-listed rather than being immediately granted or rejected. We intend to resolve most wait-listed space by June, so requests which arrive before then have a better chance of getting space. Entries require full payment to be processed. Fees will be refunded in full for cancellations received by April 15th; after that time fees will be refunded only if we can resell your space in a timely manner. No-shows without notice at the convention will receive no refund.

We will mail you a check within a month after the convention for all sales, less any fees still owed. Sales tax, credit card fees, etc. will not affect the amount you are paid. We will pay you at the convention upon request if you prefer.

Copyright information: We inform buyers that purchase of art does not include any reproduction rights. While we try to restrict photography, we cannot guarantee that your art will not be photographed, given the ubiquity of cell phone cameras. All artwork must be original.

Additional Information

Remember: if you plan to attend the convention, you must purchase a convention membership.

Since many artists prefer to print their own bid sheets, we will be providing a PDF of the bidsheet here on our website. However, we offer a way for you to enter your art online, and we will pre-print your paperwork for you.

We will be offering both bidding and quicksale. Quicksale is similar to eBay’s “buy it now” feature, and is not available for any item with a bid on it, and will not be available on Thursday (to encourage bidding). Bidding will be allowed to continue until the art show closes–there will not be an art auction.

Art Show Schedule (tentative)
Wednesday, July 5th:    Set up
Thursday, July 6th: Artist check-in 10am – 2pm
Art show opens to public 2pm – 6pm
Friday, July 7th: Art show open 10am – 6pm; quicksale starts
Saturday, July 8th: Art show open 10am – 4pm
Art show sales 6pm – 8pm
Sunday, July 9th: Art show sales 9am – noon
Artist check-out 10am – 2pm
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