We’re arranging a few excursions during the con to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by our location.

Arecibo Observatory

There will be a tour of Arecibo Observatory with Brother Guy Consolmagno. Once the exact day and time are set, you’ll be able to register for it here.

Casa Bacardi

We will also conduct an expedition to Casa Bacardi, the home of Bacardi Rum. Tours are conducted there from 9am to 4pm daily, so, if you’re interested in going, let us know what time frame you’d prefer. We’ll give ya’ll a couple of weeks to register your votes then set an exact time and day.

El Yunque

Puerto Rico is home to El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. National Park system. We aren’t attempting to organize a rain forest hike ourselves. Instead we’re recommending that if you’re interested in going on this adventure, contact Spoon Food Tours for their El Yunque Tour. Owing to the time involved, the tour is only given once a day, starting in the morning, but they do pick you up at your hotel.